Quality Assurance

In an age when it’s becoming vital to offer a competitive edge, quality assurance accreditation might well be something to consider. Many of us have heard of the quality standard ISO9001 and many think of it as something that’s expensive and time-consuming to acquire. In fact, it’s an award that you’d normally only associate with bigger companies. In fact, if you’ve tendered for work with a large organisation, you may have found that they will only deal with businesses that have the ISO9001 quality accreditation.

Acquiring this prestigious ‘kite mark’ is not as expensive as you might think. For example, if your turnover is £100,000 or below, accreditation can be achieved for as little as £995. For a turnover of between £1m and £1.5m, the accreditation fee increases to £1,995.

With the kite mark prominently displayed on your website and promotional literature, the accreditation could be valuable in winning new business and in reassuring both current and potential customers and clients. It could help you win business with bigger companies. But let’s not forget that the process of acquiring accreditation is intended to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business processes and, on this basis alone, there should be sufficient cost savings to justify the modest spend required to acquire the accreditation.

If you’re interested in acquiring ISO9001 please contact us know.

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