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Our FREE Tax Health Check will take up an hour of your time. It could save you thousands, maybe tens of thousands. What have you got to lose?

In many cases, business owners and taxpayers are unwittingly paying far more in taxes than they need to. And, unfortunately, they don’t realise it. If they did, they’d do something about it, we’re sure!

That’s why an independent, no-obligation opinion is hugely important. And that’s what our FREE Tax Health check provides. Even if we determine, after conducting our work, that you and your business are as tax-efficient as you can possibly be, at least you’ll have peace of mind. But we’ll leave no stone unturned in our quest to find additional tax savings for you.


We’ll begin the process by asking you to complete a fact-finding questionnaire. It will probably take you around half an hour and the answers you give will provide us with the background information we’ll need. Everything is, of course, 100% confidential.

In addition to the fact-finder, we’ll ask you to send over accounts and tax computations for the past three years. If we need to clarify anything with you once you’ve completed the fact-finder, we’ll call you. This will enable us to ensure that we’ve got a complete picture of both you and your business.

The next stage involves us digesting the information you’ve provided and brainstorming some ideas for you.

Finally, we’ll call you to discuss our findings and to tell you how much we can save you.  If you want to meet with us to discuss things further, we’ll be delighted to have a chat in person.


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