EBA 2018 Budget Commentary

Philip Hammond delivered a fairly wide-ranging Budget yesterday with some good news for business owners. It’s scheduled to be the last Budget before Brexit. No changes to the 19% corporation tax [...]

Seminar: Lean Practitioner

Are you looking to make your business more profitable? I know the answer is ‘yes’ –  the question is ‘how’. Many business owners will look at how they can sell more. Should they increase [...]

Directors’ liability insurance

Can you afford to be without it? Company directors are facing an increasingly litigious society. They’re coming under increased scrutiny from employees and other stakeholders, yet it’s still not [...]

KPI of the week: Net promoter score

Some businesses go to great lengths to compose what can be quite long-winded satisfaction questionnaires in order to gain an insight into what customers really think. Such surveys can be pretty [...]

An acquired taste

Many smaller businesses don’t really consider the potential benefits of growing through acquisition. And there are many. Yes, there can be problems, too, but the negatives can usually be sorted [...]

Better together

Business networking has been around for years but it can be ‘all talk’ – passing leads between one another. This is fine but how about getting together with another business owner and [...]

Corporate Maintenance!

Where a company director buys or leases a company car and provides it to his spouse, HMRC will tax the benefit in kind on the director himself – not the spouse. In fact, the same would apply [...]

Quality Assurance

In an age when it’s becoming vital to offer a competitive edge, quality assurance accreditation might well be something to consider. Many of us have heard of the quality standard ISO9001 and many [...]

Spousal Profit Sharing

An asset (for example a buy-to-let) owned by a husband and wife will be taxed 50/50 on them, regardless of the proportion in which they actually own the asset – unless they tell HMRC otherwise. [...]

Don’t make it personal

In carrying out bookkeeping for clients, we often find directors using the company credit card or bank account to make payments for personal expenses. Whether it’s a meal out on Saturday night, [...]

VAT Downloaded

If, on the day your business goes VAT-registered, it holds any fixed assets, goods for resale or materials that will be used in future production and if these were bought within the previous four [...]

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