Seminar: Lean Practitioner

Are you looking to make your business more profitable?

I know the answer is ‘yes’ –  the question is ‘how’. Many business owners will look at how they can sell more. Should they increase their selling prices? What about reducing costs? More often than not, we don’t stop to think about the activities that drive our costs – the processes within our businesses that are inefficient and which could be streamlined, taking cost out and leaving more time for everyone to spend on the things that add value.

Long-time friend of EBA, Colin McArdle, is running a one-day seminar in Wilmslow on Thursday 22 March entitled ‘Lean Practitioner’. Colin is a Six Sigma Black Belt and he’ll be looking at how to quickly identify wasteful activities and how you can re-engineer processes within your business so as to increase the speed, efficiency and effectiveness of your business’s activities.

This will be a really invaluable day. You need to book by 15 March and can do so here where there’s also more information about what Colin will cover on the day. I’ll be attending, myself, and it should be a real eye-opener. The cost is £149 and I’m guessing that we’ll have uncovered ideas on how to improve our businesses enough within the first ten minutes to justify the fee.

If you do attend, I look forward to seeing you there. In the meantime, have a good weekend!

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